Pride Security

When it comes to keeping people, property, and possessions safe, Arizonas' Pride Security is your trusted partner. We offer a wide variety of security services, from personal and executive to security for offices, construction sites, HOA's, Medical Facilities and more. Our goal is to help you feel safe from possible external threats or potentially harmful situations. We can even provide special event bodyguard service.


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Construction Sites

We provide daytime, overnight or weekend guard services your new Subdivision, Build to Rent or Commercial property.

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We provide regular support to those living in planned communities and reporting to your board on daily activities.

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Healthcare Facilities

We provide reception, external/internal patrols and help with issues that may arise around patient or visitor behavior. 

Services Continued
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Corporate Buildings

Whether it is running your reception desk, patrolling the exterior/interior, parking garages or CCTV monitoring we can support your corporate office security needs. 

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Shopping Centers

We watch for everything from theft, vandalization, loitering public disturbances, information centers, etc.

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If you have a VIP that needs specialized protection for a public event, we are your trusted advisors for bodyguard services. 

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Daily Activy Report

Silvertrac Report (sample)

At Pride Security we use Silvertrac to report all of our observed activities.  You will receive a report after every guard shift for your review so you can stay informed on everything that is happening at your site.

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